To refer back to the goals of SEW we would like to look seriously at the following competencies and help make changes within our small community.

To encourage all people to work together to develop a sustainable energy system.

In doing so we aim as far as possible to be energy efficient, to use renewable energy where feasible.

An Energy Master Plan is now complete for the outlined area plus an energy audit on the following community buildings:

  • Temperance Hall
  • St Brendan’s Education & Training Centre
  • Naomh Breandain Credit Union Ltd
  • Abbey Community Centre
  • Shragh Community Hall
  • Ballinakill Community Hall
  • Ballinakill Group Water Scheme
  • East Galway Family History Society
  • Craughwell Athletic Club
  • St Brendan’s GAA
  • Kilconieron GAA
  • Leitrim/Ballyduggan GAA


Our aim is to meet societies food and textile needs in the present without comprising the future. We look at the sustainable food system as one that does not use chemicals while keeping in mind the conservation of energy and water in carrying out the work.

People working to achieve Sustainable Agriculture must keep the needs of the people in mind in the production of food. The quality of peoples lives in our community including our town and county will be better off as a result of sustainable agriculture. Our environment will also benefit.

Benefits of Sustainable Agriculture

  • Preserve natural resources
  • Prevent pollution of lakes and rivers
  • Saving Water and eliminate all harmful toxins entering our rivers
  • Promote energy efficiency of farms
  • Decrease emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gasses
  • Create habitates for pollinators and insects
  • Ensure a good welfare of all animals
  • Eliminate the use of plastics on farms
  • Provide a more sustainable life for our farm families


According to statistics 75% of all our journeys are made by a private car. 20% of greenhouse gas emissions come from transport. Transport accounts for one-fifth of total greenhouse gas emissions. SEW’s aim is to research the greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and environmental damage caused by these in our community. Suggestions will be made to the community on this topic and ways on how we can improve the current transport and travel patterns for the betterment of the people living here.

We are delighted to see Naomh Breandain Credit Union Ltd, Loughrea lead the way in the provision of an E-car finance named “Rechage” for member wishing to avail of this mode of transport.

Also available are two charge points in the credit union car park to be used FREE of charge for by members.

Benefits of Sustainable Transport

  • Sustainable transport is fast and flexible – where possible car pooling should be encouraged especially for school runs
  • Sustainable transport saves money – Echo driving not only reduces fuel cost, but also reduces the costs for maintenance and less wear and tear
  • Sustainable transport is healthier. Walking and cycling are ideal and should be incorporated into the daily routine without having to spend extra time.
  • Sustainable transport is environmentally friendly- Eco-driving reduces emissions from exhaust pipes significantly.


Reduce the number of fuel run vehicles and farm equipment in our community by encouraging the use of E–Cars and other environmental friendly ways.
Encourage and promote organic gardening and help build biodiversity gardens and plots out in the community.
Promote all power to come from renewable resources.
To promote the 3 R’s – ReuseRecycleReduce for our people to enjoy a better life in our community.
To engage with other like – minded communities with a view to helping individuals, residential groups, community organisations and businesses in our area to get involved in sustainable living.
To roll out the many tasks incorporated in the Energy Master Plan and Energy Audits for individuals and community groups within the SEW area supported by Naomh Breandain Credit Union Ltd, Loughrea and SEAI carried out by Tipperary Energy Agency.
To promote Sustainable Living within our community to all citizens living, working and visiting our area.
To make people aware of the grants available to them from different agencies to help them bring their energy objectives to fruition.